Sunday, March 9, 2008

(A)Miss Cook

I called my blog as I did because last Wednesday I had an amusing thing happen in class.  Over the intercom Paul Messersmith sounded, "Mrs. Stanley."  I replied, "No, Mrs. Cook."  Pause.  "Miss Cook." Pause. "Cook."  Messersmith said, "Oops, wrong room."  When our conversation ended, my students stared at me as though I was a lunatic.  I smiled and said, "Oh, man, I forgot that I was a miss."  One student heard "amiss" instead, and laughed at my would-be pun.  So, I suppose, being the unmarried in my family who is of a certain age, I am an "amiss" Cook.  Or, more optimistically, I so often forget that I have a first name, because I am always Miss Cook. :)

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