Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've Been Burned

Yesterday the National Honor Society held our 3rd annual car wash.  We called it "Suds for Service."  I though that this was a clever title, but some people saw the signs and posters and misread, thinking we were offering "STUDS for Service" which is a little awkward.  

So, yesterday from 3 pm-7 pm we washed cars and had a  generally good time.  This morning we continued our car wash from 10 am-2 pm.  I tell you these details because now you know how long I was out in the sun.  I wore a shirt with cap sleeves so that I would have a decent line on my arms.  I wore shorts so my short little legs could get crispy, and I wore some oh-so-cute flats.  My face is okay because I was wearing a hat, but my lips are a lovely shade of red, swollen and sore.  My arms are lobster-esque.  My legs are all sun-rashy.  What else?  Oh, right.  My feet.  My feet are more burned than I ever thought possible.  There is a white strap on the each foot, but for the most part these little feet of mine are bright red.  I tried to wear another pair of shoes to the dance tonight, and the change of strap hurt horribly.  (I am trying to be ultra descriptive because I don't have a camera! :)

What's more, I have those amazing hot and cold flashes that accompany a good sunburn, so I have to stay wrapped in blankets.  I washed dishes tonight and it made me feel like there is no way I can take a tubby until this primary color leaves my skin.

Overall, the car wash earned the National Honor Society over $25o, which is an incredible success.  And, I have experienced my first real sunburn of the season, which has to happen sometime.  

Please feel free to respond to this post with an answer the following:
-Have you been burned recently (literally or figuratively)?  Details would be great!


Gilberts' Fridge said...

Do you remember when we went to Palisades and we used to lay out on the floating dock all day long? I remember the year Ang got a sunburn so bad that her skin actually looked purple. In hindsight, she probably should have seen a doctor for that! Oh, and the time I put my hair in tons of little braids a la Monica from that episode of Friends then got a sunburn on my head. The skin peeled, and it looked like it was snowing in June. Icky!!!

Ang & Greg said...

O.K.- I definitely remember that Palisades trip- it was AWFUL! I tell Greg's family how purple I was and I don't think they believe me:) I have never been that color since- thankfully, but I probably will develop skin cancer:( Now my legs will not get any color but lily white- sad:(