Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturdays . . .

Today is one of the first Saturdays lately that belongs to me.  I work up this morning and went to the grocery store.  I did laundry, made my bed, did homework, and took a trip up to IKEA with Nancy.  I bought a few small things (nothing that I really needed) and tried on a whole lotta capris and shorts at Draper Pointe (formally VF).  

We both had pedicures done in Springville and now I have beautiful toenails. 

What else?  Um, I took a break from life.  It was lovely.  I have not been responsible.  I have not prepared my lesson for tomorrow.  I have not graded essays.  I have not even returned any phone calls. 

All I can say is this: I LOVE SATURDAYS! 

I also just bought a camera for the Clarion a few days ago.  I purchased it with my teacher money which means it belongs to me for as long as I am a teacher.  It is fancy schmancy (at least for me) and you can check it out if you are interested.  It is a Canon SX100 IS with 8 megapix. The zoom is 10x for optical for a total zoom of 40x.  I am excited because it means that I will be able to post blog pictures.  Yay for cameras! More so, yay for buying cameras with teacher money! 

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