Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alumni Coordinator...For How Long?

I am working as the Alumni Coordinator at Snow College during the month of July.  In the past three days I have organized a storage room and made two offices fully functional.  I have inventoried yearbooks, sorted files, written emails and made a variety of spreadsheets.  It is exactly the kind of office work I was able to do when I worked at Giovale Library, and it is exactly the kind of work I feel like I was meant to do.  

I dig it.  It is work in the truest sense, and does not provide the same fulfillment as teaching...but it provides a different sort.  I feel so incredibly connected and competent.  

Joni is the Director of Alumni Relations and is working to staff her office.  I am tempted.  No, scratch that.  I am VERY tempted.  Maybe not this job, right now, but being in a similar environment is SO appealing.   I love being back in a college atmosphere, even during the summer.  I love office work and all that it entails.  Hmmm.  


Ang & Greg said...

Yeah- I'm glad you love your job! Will you be there in August also?

Cassi said...

I totally agree with you. I love my current job and don't think I'd want to change it, but I really do miss some of my previous office jobs. There's just something about that type of work that clicks with me.

Michelle said...

I think being the grammar nerds that we are . . . we all just love office supplies and organizing things. Yep, it's true.