Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ants in my Pants

This weekend I wanted to attend President's Ball at Westminster College.  I searched the web for details and lo and behold, I cannot find it listed anywhere.  This, dear friends is a tragedy, because I most certainly have ants in my pants and I want to do a dance!  I am so eager to get out of Nephi for any reason.  My days are getting a little blurry and I am sinking into the lack of social life that the school year always seems to offer.  I need to shake things up!

This summer I purchased a Vera Wang skirt from Kohls.  It is a $98 that I bought for 90% off.  It is too fancy to wear to school, and too fancy for church.  Can you suggest another use for such a frivolous skirt?  OR, does anyone out there know details for President's Ball?  

:) Cheers!

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Michelle said...

I also searched for our beloved President's Ball and found no reference for it anywhere! There was a calendar, no ball listed. An agenda for "Coming Home" weekend or something, but no ball listed. Have they done away with the President's Ball? :( Who says you can't be fancy at church? Do it! Please post a picture of this skirt for us! Also, if you don't get a chance to wear it, maybe we could dress up in Nov. when we are in SLC and do something fancy. What do you think? Yes, I realize this comment is now a full blown email . . .