Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm a Winner! :)

This weekend I was listening to Showtune Saturday Night on Kosy 106.5.  As I listened and enjoyed my tunes I heard them announce a contest.  Here is the premise: listeners were asked to email Kosy with a poem explaining why we should win.  The contest?  The Bard Bus.  The prize? Two tickets to Shakespearean Festival shows, Gaslight and Julius Caesar.  I wrote the following poem: 

I ought to be sent on the bus
If I don't get a break I may cuss
I teach students all day
Now I must get away.
So please let me on without fuss.

I sent the poem in sometime after 11 PM.  I stayed awake until midnight listening for them to call my name.  No such luck.  I was sad. 

So, today, I received the following email (I am offering only the exciting parts):
"Dear Krystle,

YOU WON!!!  I am so sorry this email did not reach you Saturday night - - we had a server melt down and I was worried when I did not get a response so I checked my sent file and there it was, saved, but having not been sent."

Some details of the contest:

Get on Board the Bard Bus!

Showtunes Saturday Night and the KOSY Morning Show will be taking a group of lucky theatre fans to the Tony Award Winning Utah Shakespearean Festival on Saturday, October 25th!

Participants will receive:
Bus ride down to Cedar City courtesy of Le Bus
Lunch on Saturday
Special prizes from the Utah Shakespearean Festival and KOSY to be given away on the bus ride down
Ticket to matinee of Gaslight, and a VIP talk-back reception after with the director
Ticket to evening performance of Julius Caesar, and a VIP talk-back reception after with the director
One night's stay at the Cedar City Crystal Inn
Bus ride back to SLC courtesy of Le Bus

Cost to do all this on your own:
At least $250.00 (more depending on gas prices!)

Cost to me: FREE! :)

Anon, thou rapscallion knave! Tarry not, but get thee to the Bard Bus for a most excellent and entertaining time!



Ang & Greg said...

You are so funny- I hope you have a great time. It is always fun to win something huh? I wouldn't know but I hear it is:)

Gilberts' Fridge said...

Oooohh, so jealous! Dad says that mom is really excited about going with you!