Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A List O' Stuff I'm Grateful For

When I was in college each year I would create a list of things for which I am grateful. I would ask others to add to the list as they visited my dorm room, and it is a tradition that I miss. That said, here is my latest list, in blog form:

I am grateful:

*That I am walking distance from two loving and lovable parents.
*That I am able to spend time with Jace on a regular basis.
*For our every other Sunday dinners at which I am able to see sisters, brothers in law, and their offspring.
*That I have beautiful nieces and nephews (it gives me such hope for my own children)!
*For a roommate who loves me unconditionally.
*For friendships that last in spite of geography.
*That I am 9 credits away from another degree.
*That next Tuesday is my last day of INST classes until January.
*To be able to teach students who are willing to learn.
*For a great job which I love.
*That I am friends with the other teachers in my department.
*That Nancy introduced my to Ovaltine.
*For my feather bed pillow top.
*That I have been able to have real relationships with my grandparents.
*That people love me in spite of my many flaws.
*That if I cut my hair it will grow back.
*That Joelle thinks I am the best dressed woman in the building.
*For good books.
*For Dollar Tree shaving cream.
*For school lunch on the days I don't take the time to pack one of my own.
*For crock pots and blueberry muffins.

Please! Respond to this list (or blog one of your own) with things for which you are grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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Ang & Greg said...

I love this post- isn't this the BEST time of year? I already did this on my blog also- so much to be grateful for:)