Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can I get a "Woot?"

Hurrah! It is a new year with new adventures. For the past two days I have been a teacher once again and both days, as I have written the date on the board, I have had to erase the "8" with my fingers and rewrite a lovely little "9" in its place. The result is a blackish hand, but I have not had a student see me miswrite the year so I feel proud about that.

2nd quarter is almost over and the struggle for grades begins! Can I get a "woot?" Next week my student teacher will be in my classroom watching me teach; I am completely doubting my awesomeness as a teacher now that I think of another person seeing me in action...but she only observes for a few weeks, so I think it will be just fine. My greatest student-teacher fear is that my students will love her more than they love me. That, of course, will make me sad. My second greatest fear is that my students will not love her more than they love me and life will be difficult for her. Sigh.

I basically love my job. I love my students. I love my school. I am grateful for moments of clarity when I understand acutely how I can teach a new concept. I am glad for my brain and the insight it offers in moments of frustration. Today, I talked to my 6th hour class to let them know that they were completing their group work in a less than stellar way. I loved that the words came to me and I sounded like a teacher and I meant every word that I said. I may or may not have used the word "suck" (which I regret, even though it was offered in the context of, "if you cannot complete this simple assignment for me, 11th grade will basically suck for you because it will be impossible for you to be successful) but other than the brief lapse into teen language, I completely sounded like a teacher.

Once more, can I get a "woot?"


Velecia said...

LOL, I love it, you just gave me a laugh today that I needed Thanks. Love ya V

Velecia said...

Woot! Woot!

Kathleen and Justin Lofley said...

That was a cute post! I love the new layout, too. How do you get some of your words to be in bold and pink? That's a nice touch!

Let me know next time you're up this way! Seriously. We might have to hurt you otherwise.


Heidi said...

Love it! And I love the non-winter background! Way to make it feel like almost spring regardless of how far it really is...

Michelle said...

I have a student with the last name of Woot. Therefore, I have a woot. hahaa. This reminded me of her because she says that.

So, why in all your linkety links is everyone listed by 1 name and I am "Michelle Husbands" . . .? Sounds so formal.

What have you been up to?