Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 3: Photos and Images

I hesitate to share this, but I just squealed with glee because of Flickr. I clicked on a link for Spell with Flickr and typed in my name and voila! Krystle spelled in a beautifully quirky way. You should try it with your own name, or another fun word. I promise, it will bring you joy!

K R27 McElman_071026_2452_Y s32 turmöl Wooden Tile L E

Also, a little fun phrase just because I can:

I L Letter O The Letter \"V\" E IMG_2231 y Copper Square Letter O Alphabet Block u

In case you cannot tell, I strongly encourage any and all to play with Spell With Flickr. If I figure out how to change the size of my letters, I will pass that knowledge on. I also started a Flickr account using my Yahoo ID. It couldn't be any better OR simpler!

Letter M i S Letter S IMG_7839 o38 Alphabet Block o Pewter Lowercase Letter k

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