Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 11: Podcasts, Video, and Downloadable Audio

So, I am including an embedded video from Youtube. This clip is a music video from many years ago, and it brings me absolute joy. Namely, I think that the main female singer looks lovely and innocent and the male vocal lead looks a little creepy. And, I love the background dancers. Pure genius.

I subscribe to several podcasts via iTunes. I love This American Life and Radio West. I listen to these podcasts on my computer and on my iPod. I have also been able to share them with students. In October, we listened to Old Time Radio Thrillers. I have actually turned students on to some podcasts also.

I have tried to use Pioneer Library's downloadable audio files, but since I have an iPod instead of a regular mp3 player I am unable to use these files. :(

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