Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 9: Online Applications and Tools

I have never typed anything in GoogleDocs but it basically brings me joy. I know a lot of students who have trouble transferring files from home to school. At first glance, it seems like GoogleDocs would be a fantastic fix, but I go right back to the problems we have with blocked sites at the district and this very useful resource is not available. Curse the filters!

Last summer, for my Masters program I had to do a group presentation with two other students. We shared all of our files through Google. It was very handy.

As a Clarion advisor, I have used GoogleDocs with some of our advertisers. Alyssa's Bridal has a Google account on which they store all of their print ads. It's pretty genius. The interface of this looks much like Word; overall, GoogleDocs seems like an incredibly user-friendly program.

(p.s. This post was typed in GoogleDocs and then transferred.)

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