Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Task Definition

The situation: My city is interested in implementing mandatory curbside recycling. I always attend meetings where the community can give input on a matter. To prepare for this meeting I want to know more about the possible economic and environmental benefits of recycling. I've heard something about how it might be better to re-use things, rather than use things once and recycle. How does re-use fit in?

I have a sister who lives in England, and she has shown me a great example of recycling and reusing. In the UK, everyone participates in curbside recycling of glass, plastics, compost, and metals. I am not sure what would be the best plan of attack in Utah, or in the United States, for that matter. People talk about how expensive it is to recycle, and I have heard students tell me that recycling is a waste of energy because it does not make that much of a difference.

I would like to examine paper recycling, as that is something that my school already participates in. Specifically, I would like to have real information to pass on to students in order to rev up our school wide paper recycling.

I need to understand the process, costs, and impact of paper recycling. I would also like to know where paper from Utah goes in order to be recycled.

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