Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, I keep Bear in my classroom and dress him up for the season. The classroom is the BEST place for this little fellow, as he is not at all little and takes up more space than my apartment allows. I dress him up according to the season or according to what we are studying. When we read Chaim Potok's My Name is Asher Lev, he wears a skull cap and prayer shawl. When we are in the midst of Julius Caesar, Bear wears the traditional toga. All in all, Bear brings me vast amounts of joy. Lately, Bear has been perched on his shelf with a hospital mask and baby blanket, in honor of Swine flu. Last week during my prep period, Bear disappeared. In his place was the note you see above.

As day two arrived and I had yet to pay a ransom, I entered my classroom to find this picture (and many more disturbingly similar shots) on my front white board, along with demands for more cookies. 
Never fear. After some careful terrorist negotiating, he is once again safe and sound. Look at those sad eyes! Notice how the duct tape was placed roughly over his flu mask! How could anyone NOT give cookies for the return of a friend such as this?! 


Angela said...

I have to say that I believe it is very much worth cookies! :-)

And congrats on graduating!!!

Anonymous said...

How was it? I once had Hayley Webb still Jamal, my pink rubber duck, from my back pack and she would have random people send me ransom texts/pictures. So, I am going to assume it was her. Also, now that you have your degree in this sort of stuff... could you help me set up a way cool blog? I am going to have to put anonymous because I don't have a blog...but don't fear. It's me Sam!

ShaNeil Cook said...

Poor Bear!!! This story still makes me smile a whole lot! :)