Thursday, August 6, 2009

Proof that I Should Be a Beautician

I spent yesterday at the Lyman's. We walked to the garden and post office. We played "Dead Woman" on the trampoline during which time I realized that I am related to cheaters. The girls helped me punch out letters for my new bulletin board. We ate Otter Pops on the front porch. We listened to music and watched the visualizer in my iTunes. While Angie made Lasagna for dinner, my nieces and I played with each other's hair. Anya's hair got a stylish knot, Haven got a lovely loose braid, and my hair... There are no words to describe the beauty. Thanks for a fun day, cute ladies! You should come play at my house soon! :)


Gilberts' Fridge said...

Kids have great hair, don't they? So jealous of your day!

Greg, Ang & 3 kidlets said...

Definately- we all had so much fun hanging out with you:) & I think everyone cheats at "dead man"- I do:)

Michelle said...

I'm so proud! I taught her everything she knows! Just ask the girls at Westminy. . . haa! :)