Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Are So Soft.

One day after school a student lingered in the classroom. This student is from India and has a certain proper mannerism about him that is pretty fun to experience. On this day, he walked up to me and said, "Miss Cook. I would like to ask you a question." I replied, "Okay." He said, "It is a personal question." I replied, "Okay. What is the question?" He said, "Why have you never married?"


Flash forward to today.

After school, this same student stayed after. He said, "You are so soft."


"You are so soft. I would write a poem on you."

He means ABOUT me, in case you are unsure of that statement. I asked him to explain soft because soft is a word I have never heard used in this way. He said, "You are true of heart and good."


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Velecia said...

Love this story, especially with all the details. So funny!! I'm still laughing.