Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is That a Movie?

My mother and I bottled homemade apple pie filling tonight. As we were working we talked about shopping tomorrow for a bridal shower gift for one of my newly-engaged best friends.

My little brother said, "Oh! Are you going up North?"

I said, "Yes. I'm going to see my shrink."

He said, "Is that a movie?"


Jamie said...

I'm going to do homemade apple pie filling tomorrow night or Saturday. Is it hard? E-mail me your recipe!

Haley said...

Who knew you had a blog? Probably me, if I had looked hard enough. Glad to know it know. I've slapped you on my google reader, so your thoughts will no longer go unnoticed by yours truly.

Remember how we rode home from camp together once and listened to The Man of La Mancha? I do. Keep on keepin' on, sister friend.

ShaNeil said...

Our son is so silly! He sure does make me smile. :) I love you!