Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am fairly sure that I should not be allowed to blog right now because at present I am surviving on a mixture of liquid Lortab, IB 800 and herbal teas.

I am ill; in fact, I am suffering from the oh-so-glamorous mono, also known as the kissing disease. Yep. I am so proud. This is something that apparently is going around the high school, and is typically something mostly passed around 16 and 17 year- old hoodlums.

My throat is swollen to a point of extreme discomfort. I sleep and then wake up and have no concept of how much time has passed.

I am posting this in an attempt to get sympathy from the masses. Please! Send your good wishes my way.



Angela said...

Oh man - hope you recover quickly!! I had that back in high school because it was going around the whole school. No fun at all!! Get well soon, and get plenty of rest!!

Heidi said...

Good wishes your way - it's too bad that you weren't at least kissing when you got it - then at least it would have been a little more exciting!

Greg, Ang & 3 kidlets said...

I hope you feel better soon- at least you had today off of school right:)

Nicki said...

Bummer!! I hope you get feeling better. I am sorry that I haven't committed to coming to see you. Give me a call when you are better and we will talk about it!

Remember to Breathe said...

Oh NO!!! So Sad! I'm so sorry I haven't called you back about your quilt. I was in Vegas at the BYU Bowl game, and then with Christmas and Rio being in the hospital... but I really suck as a friend! I hope you get feeling better.

ShaNeil Cook Coons said...

Sorry you're sick! :( I love you lots!