Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not Homeless

On Sunday Blaine and I looked at a home that we found absolutely charming. It was built in 1922, came with animal rights and one share of irrigation. The outside has siding, the interior has a light wood floor, and it seems to be just the right size for us.

On Monday I met with some friends and they helped me prepare a bid for this home. I spent about two hours ironing out the details of the bid. The family from whom we were purchasing were out of town until tonight, so I brought the bid with me to school and planned to submit it this evening.

We did not purchase this home.

Today, at noon, my dad came into my classroom. A home was going into foreclosure and was going up for auction at 1 PM. Did I want to look at it? Did I want to submit a bid? Should I call Blaine while he is in Salt Lake and talk to him about the whole thing?

I called Blaine and asked him if he was comfortable with me submitting a bid even though he couldn't see it. He said, "Sure." (HE SAID "SURE!" SO CALM!) During my lunch break I ran and saw the house and then asked my dad to put in a bid. I gave him a bid limit and then asked him to go crazy. I went back to school and felt like a wreck! At 1:44 I received an email from my dad. "You have a house! Love, Dad."

We purchased the house without looking at the interior. It is three times the size we need. It has a brick exterior, and was built in 1981. It is several thousand dollars less than the 1922 home, and comes with a two car garage. Oh my goodness.

It's amazing. I'll offer pictures when I can. Cross your fingers that it all works out for us!


Jamie said...

You are a little bit crazy! But now I am even happier about you buying a house, because if it's 3 times bigger than you need, you can definitely squeeze my brood in when we first come home! When do you move in? Can't wait to see pictures!

justmecassi said...

Congrats! I hope it all works out for you!!

Alena said...

Fun! Kinda scary, but fun.

Kim said...

You are fearless and it clearly paid off! Congrats brave heart friend. I can't wait to see the house...Love you!

Nicki said...

Hooray!! Hooray!!

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