Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Umm, awkward. . .

Today I successfully taught 15 minutes of Advanced Composition with my zipper down.  That's right.  I was wearing my chocolate brown capris, my brown flats, etc.  My hair was pulled into a trendy side bun, and I was looking cute!  I made a huge deal of getting their attention at the beginning of class so that I could have all eyes on me.  They brainstormed, we flourished, and then I regrouped them.  One of my girls said to me, "Miss Cook, I need to talk to you."  I walked over to her desk and noticed a look of terror in her eyes and realize that she was TERRIFIED of telling me something embarrassing.  At that moment, I realized that my zipper was down.  I said, "Oh, man.  That's awkward," and proceeded to do up my pants.  She said, "I didn't know what to say" and I assured her that I would much rather her tell me than let me go on teaching. Case closed? 

Not so lucky!  At the end of class, a male student said, "Oh.  Was your zipper down then?  I couldn't tell.  I kept looking to try to figure it out.  I thought maybe it was just the style of your pants."  AWKWARD!  

Dear reader: please!  Tell me something embarrassing that you have done lately.  Make me feel better! :)

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mangomom said...

When I was teaching primary, the children had to help me give the sharing time presentation. So a week in advance I had to call up all the parents to help there kids get ready. The first parent I called, I so bluntly blurted out with out thinking first, "Umm ARE YOU THE FATHER OF YOUR CHILDREN"? And he paused for quite some time and laughed and said "Yes I'm pretty sure I am". I really meant to ask "Is this CI's father? I was very embarrased to go back to church the next week. LOL Any ways that is just one of my most emarassing moments. Love ya V