Monday, June 2, 2008

25 and Never More Beautiful

I am attaching to this forum post proof of my good looks.  Tonight I talked Nancy into putting my hair in curlers so I could be stunning for my birthday party tomorrow.  I am a little worried that the curlers that do wonders on her hair will fail horribly in mine.  I will, however, make a special effort to post a picture of my hair in curly form for your viewing pleasure.  If you are interested in the curlers, they are called CurlFormers, and you can read all about them at  :) 


Gilberts' Fridge said...

you look lovely! happy birthday--got you a present but haven't mailed it yet. too lazy, plus it's raining. kisses!

Ang & Greg said...

Happy Birthday to you- Happy Birthday to you- Happy Birthday dear Kriddle-Happy Birthday to you!!!

Love ya tons- hope your birthday is great!

Velecia said...

Hey where is the after shot? What did it look like after the wonder of the curlformers?