Sunday, July 27, 2008

What To Do

Some of you may know that I was offered a full time job in the Alumni Office at Snow College. The job was offered fairly casually, but after a little bit of questioning I discovered the seriousness of the offer. It pays more, but also requires me to work full time (during the summer too...shocker! How would that be? :)

Earlier this week I sat down with the principal to talk about my options. Mostly, I wanted to figure out what my future will be like at JHS before I turn my back on it. I expressed a desire to teach AP English and Humanities. He told me that I am next in line to teach those courses.

This is a BIG deal because veteran teachers are usually those who get those classes, but I am the one in the department with a Masters degree (or at least the one who WILL have it) and that means I am the most academically qualified. It's a great thing to have on my resume, and something that I would not have a chance to do at most other schools. If I were to leave now, I would be take a salary penalty and I would be making the school scramble to replace me. Now is NOT the time to tell a school I am not coming back; I would barely be giving 2 weeks' notice.

The job at the alumni office appeals to me because it is new, in a college environment, and the pay is about $10,000 more a year. I would also have better medical and dental benefits than those I have in Nephi. The job is high profile and high stress. My pay could increase based on performance, or I could be let go for poor performance. It seems like an easy choice, but I find myself questioning my ability to make good choices. I love teaching. At the end of the day, it brings me joy. I love having summers free and I love interacting with students on such an insightful level.

I talked to Nicki Blair today and she told me much of what I already know in my heart: I am a teacher. She believes the appeal of Snow comes because I would be doing something new and working with people I love, but that the novelty would wear out pretty quickly. She's right. It seems so basic, but Nicki knows my heart more than most. I love the challenge that teaching is, and as long as new students walk into my classroom, I will always have that challenge.


Carli Jade said...

KRYSTLE. Dude. If I spoke fluent Romeoandjulietese--which I don't--I would dramatically forbid you (with the threat of poisons and suicides and highly irrational behavior) to leave JSD. I think you are an amazing teacher. And you have become a very dear friend! How would I sit through Learning Results-ish district classes without you there to email me (yes, me, the curious girl sitting right next to you) about the crazy happenings in your little life? You're right to stay. :) Love ya!

Ang & Greg said...

Sounds to me like you have made your decision already:) If it feels right then you can move on and not worry about it anymore- what a relief:) I think that you were choosing between two good options anyway so you don't lose out either way.

Velecia said...

Do what you love and keep up the good work. I think you are a great teacher. I really wish that I had you as my english teacher in high school. Maybe I would have got better grades huh? You make it so fun for the students to learn. Your Awesome!!!! Follow your heart, and make your dreams come true girl.