Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lofley Family Reunion

Today I practiced using my camera at the Lofley Family Reunion.  The more photos I take the better I am becoming...I am learning all the tricks of my fancy Canon PowerShot, and I love it!  We held the reunion up the canyon at Craig Sperry's cabin.  These pictures are really for the Gilbert family in the UK so they can see how our family members are looking these days.  To Jamie, Martin, and Dylan: I love you!  Enjoy the pictures! :)
Trevin, feeling the sugar rush of homemade rootbeer.
Makenzie plays on the stairs.
Vonda Kay, not knowing I was snapping photos. 
Anya and Koozie, (Tisha's daughter) at the bottom of the water slide.
Anya, walking up the hill.
Emi, caught with a smile on her face.
ShaNeil and her boyfriend, Russell Coons.
Justin does not realize that I took this picture. 
Grandma Lofley holds Michael Champ, Tiffany's new baby.
Jace, holding still for the first time all day.
Haven checks out a pretty flower.
Brother and sister hang out on a bench and act cool. (Oly and Taco) :)
Cameron takes a break from the water slide to send a small smile my way. 

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Gilberts' Fridge said...

Oh I LOVE the photos! Thanks for sharing!