Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seek More Information

As I began to seek more information, I decided to branch out from the Internet and expand my sources. I went to the Nephi City Library. Using the card catalogue and the brains of my good friends who work their, I searched for any sort of text that related to any of the "R's." One librarian remembers displaying brochures at some point in time about the concept, but we could not find any sort of paper source to support any ideas. (A little ironic, I say!) 

I decided then to expand my search into primary sources, or people who may have had experience with both recycling and reusing. In my high school, we have been experiencing a paper shortage since January. Because of this, teachers have been finding ways to reuse papers BEFORE they are sent to the big green recycling bin outside the building. I talked to a math teacher who sent home grade reports printed on the back of old worksheets (none with student names, mind you!) This act alone saved 170 pieces of paper from being added to the local dump. I have talked to other teachers who photocopy new worksheets on the back of old work; teachers also take old pages and cut them into quarter and half sheets, allowing students to use one side of the page for written response. 

I talked to Diane Park, the school secretary, to see if she has noticed a change in paper usage in the past few months. She said that she has not needed to order any more paper (a relief, because we can't). Ultimately, it seems as though at our own Juab High School it makes more sense to reuse BEFORE recycling...we should try to get as much as possible out of each sheet of paper. It makes me wonder how I can restructure our school recycling program.

Ultimately, I read another website that inspires me to spread the word. It is conversational and friendly, and makes some good common sense.  You can read it here. 

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