Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Using Information I Found

The researcher went to Academic Search Premiere, which was a good call. When I was an undergrad I used databases like a mad woman and I was also so grateful for the quality of information available. She found much more relevant information and was also able to link information together in a sort of research chain. I do think she ultimately resolved the conflicting information that initially existed.

As I tried to make my own research chain, I realized that at first, I was so focused on recycling that I completely neglected to examine reuse; however, once I refocused my efforts it seems like reusing is most certainly the way to go. Recycling takes energy at every level. There are transportation costs from the beginning, as most small communities are not equipped with the needed plants to process products. The recycling process itself uses valuable energy resources. In contrast, reusing is a matter of communication. If a community organizes itself to SHARE things and to advertise that sharing, there is much less waste. It would require effort, but wouldn't it be amazing if a compost bin could be established at the city rose garden? Wouldn't it be phenomenal if the local newspaper advertised FREE sales instead of yard sales? It's a compelling thought, and one that I would like to think would work.

As I thought of this concept, I was reminded of a website I used to visit when I lived in Salt Lake. Freecycle is a website that claims to change the world one gift at a time. It is a forum that is community based which allows users to post things that they would like to give away (i.e. get rid of).  

I do not think that I can support a recycle-only program. I would like instead to get behind a program that allows for organized reuse. I would like a FREEcycle community to be established and advertised in Nephi so that residents can share those things that they no longer want. Sounds cool, right? I applied for a new group and am now just waiting to hear back. :)

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