Friday, February 13, 2009

Week 6: Play

This week we were meant to play around online, and I must say that I fulfilled this task with gusto! I actually started playing from a computer at the public library. My little brother was on the computer to the right of me and his friend was on my left. (Don't ask why I was in the middle!) I played on a few of the generator sites; within a matter of minutes both 7th grade boys wanted to know which website I was on. I lead them to the main blog (right here) and we all giggled for the next half hour or so. Tonight, I have generated a new image for your viewing pleasure.

I was also meant to create a LibraryThing account today, but I already have an account at Shelfari (a similar site) and I mostly track my books through a Facebook application. I wandered around the LibraryThing website, but I could not bring myself to sign up for something that I know I will not use.

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