Sunday, June 7, 2009

Right Now

So, this is my life right now:

-I have been offered a job in Layton as a media specialist or English teacher. I did not even apply. I turned it down. The principal keeps calling me.
-I love my new Ford Escape. I feel like a queen when I drive it.
-My little brother is here to order $5 Threadless tees (sale ends tomorrow)
-I just finished reading Fablehaven 3


AJ said...

Ummm Layton. Hmm... Jesse Furse hailed from Layton. I guess all things from Layton would subsequently require extreme discretion. Oh well :)

Shober Fam said...

I love Fablehaven! The fourth one is crazy! How are you doing by the way?

Anonymous said...

We should talk. PS love the owls. Wise birds. Michelle

Nicki said...

Oooh! Pretty new vehicle. :) Hey, I hardly think it's fair to compare Layton and Jesse Furse! Not fair at all. I think it's fantastic that someone is so excited about you! Good old fashioned pat on the back. Love ya Krys.