Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Facebook Friends

I am not friends with my students. I may be friendly, but I do not allow my students to become my Facebook friends until they are no longer my students. There are some friendships that I relish. A few days ago, I saw a status update of one of these student-friends. It brings me joy. For one, I am called a wise woman. For another, I taught a whole slew of really cool people something. Finally, THEY REMEMBERED IT!!!

:) I am funny.


justmecassi said...

You are funny, smart, and a great teacher! I'm sure it's great to see your students retaining the things you taught them. :)

Blaine said...

Very NICE, a wise comment

ShaNeil Cook said...

Uh oh! You're not going to like the thank you card I wrote for you yesterday! :)