Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diane Says...

She does not want a blog, but had something blog-worthy happen today. Please comment lots on this post to encourage her forming of her own blog, otherwise a{miss} cook will be high jacked.

My computer is from the dinosaur era. My students let me know that fact as they refer to it as "the dinosaur." Sometimes it does not turn on. Sometimes it turns off at random times. Sometimes, the computer tech tries to fix it and makes it even worse. Once upon a time, the computer crashed and the district wiped off the entire hard drive, Internet, and anti-virus software. Does this seem odd?

Yesterday, I even thought about timing how long it took to open my email, just so I could plead my case. My estimate is four minutes, and that would be being optimistic.

Now the reason for my blog-worthy joy: I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER! I walked into my classroom today and there on my counter...ta da! I asked the teacher across the hall if the computer was indeed mine, because I was scared to get excited if it was just a joke. It was not! The computer is mine.

And now my students need to give this new fellow a name.

:) Diane


ShaNeil Cook Coons said...

Yay! That's so happy! I think you should start your own blog Diane, it would be fun to read. :)

Nicki said...

Oh, blessed day! I too, know the aggrevation of hoplessly lost machinces . . . and their stark contrast with what could be, what should be. Congratulations!

Join the blogging world! Not all of us are as diligent as Krystle, but we try. And, ever once in a while our friends and family get a glimpse of our lives. ;)