Sunday, November 15, 2009

You've Grown!

On Friday afternoon Blaine and I went up to my great uncle Rulon's 90th birthday party. Upon entering the party, we walked over to Elaine Cook to say hello. She saw my mom, and me, and Blaine, and looked at him with obvious surprise. "Wow! You've grown!"

I looked at Elaine, and said, "This is my boyfriend Blaine."

Poor woman. She was horrified. She thought, yes, that Blaine was my 13 year old brother, having experienced some sort of growth spurt since May, when she saw him last.

Yes, they both are blonde (kind of). They both have fantastic smiles. But Blaine has facial hair. And is a head taller than Jace. And, when I kiss Blaine I am not thinking of my brother. AT. ALL.

I am three months older than Blaine, and now I feel like a cougar.


Samuel Hardman Taylor said...

I felt weird reading that.

Also, your blog looks SO much like mine did a week or so ago. Same background and 3 thingsweforget notes.

ShaNeil Cook Coons said...

BAAHAHAHAHAHA! That's one of the funniest things EVER! :D

Remember to Breathe said...

HAHA!! Oh, man! I saw that one coming as soon as I read the post title and you started saying you took Blaine with you to a family party! Hilarious! Me-OW!! You go, cougar! :)