Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure

If given the choice between two submarines, which would you choose?

A) This submarine can travel only east to west. It does not have the capability to turn and travel north to south, nor can it travel west to east. You travel in one direction. Should a current snap you up, you will still travel east to west but will also drift a bit without your consent, perhaps to the north or the south. Your destination is unknown, but the submarine will pretty much move forward in the same direction, and will make it to the destination safely.

B) This submarine can travel east and west and north and south, but only with the help of powerful magnets. The over use of these magnets has made the submarine a little less reliable. In fact, while on the journey there is a chance that this submarine will split in half and sink because the magnets have weakened the ship so much. But, you are not at the mercy of currents. You are mostly in control of your travels, with the small exception of the danger that you are in while on this submarine.

I had to choose between these two in a dream I had this afternoon. What do you suppose my choice to be?

I also welcome any comments offering dream analysis.



Michelle said...

Here's my take:

Choice A is the safer and more reliable choice. You will get to your destination even though it may take longer.

Choice B is probably the more daring, fun, and risky choice.

I guess you could ask yourself, are you willing to take the risk?

Jamie said...

Analysis? You are a bit of a control freak. Let go. Sometimes the current takes you where you need to go and you don't always have to be the one who is steering!