Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bridal Shots

Yesterday Blaine's wonderful cousin took bridal photos of my smiling face. It was happy. There are so many pictures that I absolutely love. We went up around the capitol building and also to Memory Grove Park.

Emily Dunster (aforementioned cousin) has her own business. You can find out more about her HERE.

Also, if you want to see the images, you can go to the gallery HERE.

Password: (ask me for it and I will email you).

See, Blaine! This is the kind of cloak and dagger stuff I have to do just so you don't see the pictures.

I have offered a preview that is Blaine-friendly (no dress is pictured) :)


Blaine said...

I LOVE IT! My lady knows me all too well!

Angela said...

YAY!! I'm so excited for you!!!

Me said...

Hey miss will you email the password to me please, I'm doing something wrong. Thanks. V

Nicki said...

All right . . . here it goes:

20-1, 34, 36, 39-1, 51-1, 56, 67, 71-1, 111-1, 119-1, 156-1, 165-1, 226-1, 231-1, 252-1, 255-1, 263-1, 281-1, 282-1, 341-1, 402-1, 430-1, 435-1

Day late and a dollar short, but these are the ones I absolutely love!!

See, I knew you would get some great ones. ;)

Emma said...

Krystal, you look stunning in these pictures. I am awaiting with baited breath your wedding photos. I hope you and Blaine are very very happy together.
Emma and co from the UK

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