Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Wrote a Poem

Today a student handed in what was meant to be a free verse, original poem for points. The student instead handed in part of Walt Whitman's Song of Myself and tried to pass it off as his. I recognized the poem, and asked him about it.  He said, "Well, my dad helped me with it." I googled his poem and came up with the published work online.  He looked shocked.  In fact, he said, "Does that ever happen, when you think the same thing that someone else has already said?" Honestly.  If you want, you can check out the poem online.  


He plagiarized the stanza that reads as follows:

"With music strong I come, with my cornets and my drums,
I play not marches for accepted victors only, I play marches for conquered and slain persons."

Does he really expect me to believe that a 10th grader can use the word "cornet," or the phrase "accepted victors?"


Angie said...

Wow- that was a big time dumb goof up! Even I- as a stay-at-home mom and not an English teacher- can tell that a 10th grader would NEVER write that:) & by the way- I am sorry you are sick of reading. I have to say that is something I never get sick of because I never get enough time to read like I really want to:)

I'm so glad you have a blog now- YEAH! Post more pictures:) I want to see your cute face:)

mangomom said...

Hey your life sounds fun. Long live all English Teachers!!! What kind of grade is he going to get?

mangomom said...

Krystle will you please help Dad make a goggle account and put Angie and I's Blog in his little star in the corner, or in other words his favorite's list. I would help him figure it out but his computer is at his office and I highly dout that I'm ever going to go there. I would appreciate it alot.

Michelle said...

That is the funniest thing ever! Man, people are so dumb. . .

Cassi said...

Ahhh, high schoolers. I just think it's hilarious that he tried to say he just thought the exact same thing as Walt Whitman!